Saturday, December 18, 2004

Confused secular news media

"Womb Robbing" in Kansas

The story details a murder in Kansas, where a woman murdered a pregnant woman, and removed her unborn child from the womb - a murderous case of child-napping.

The story detailed in the above article is horrifying. Yet also disturbing is the confusion expressed by the author of the report. Toward the end of the article, a similar case to this recent tragedy is cited. The author refers to the child stolen in that case as a "fetus", even though we are talking about a living, post-natal child who this murderess was passing off as her own baby.

Strictly speaking I have little problem with the terminology, since as far as I'm concerned "fetus" simply refers to an early stage of human development, just as "infancy" or "adolescence" refers to later stages.

However, I know this is not how the secular media typically uses the term "fetus" - nor is it how common people refer to their child, born or unborn (ex. no woman who has foreknowledge that she is going to give birth pre-maturely would talk about "having a fetus", but rather "having a baby"). "Fetus" is something of a clinical, detached term, and is how "polite" society typically refers to the unwanted children that find their way into medical waste bins at your local Planned Parenthood clinic.

Honestly, I think the author was simply confused. How can you not be - our society has not only an arbitrary/confused vocabulary about such issues, but an even more screwed up conceptual confusion in the case of the unborn (ex. status of as a "human being" depends on the arbitrary location of the baby - whether it be in the womb, or in the mother's arms.)


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