Thursday, December 16, 2004

Not so good 'ole "Happy Days"

Seeing as I work at night while most normal folks are sleeping, my "cutting-loose-after-work-time" coincides with (almost) everyone else's "counting-down-to-lunch-hour-time"...which means I get to come home to "day-time television." I happened to watch a sorry re-run of Happy Days, and just realized how un-funny a show this was (even before Fonzie "jumped the shark"). I cannot believe my parents actually found this entertaining (I have vague memories of it being on the boob-tube back when I was still in my "crapping my pants" days).

"Eeeehhhh...sit on it!" Right about you sit your cornhole on the toe of my kodiak workboot. To think, this is where Henry Winkler, the genius who brought us such quality programming as McGuyver got his start...who-woulda-thunkit?

If you can't tell, I'm in a crappy mood. No, not so much "crappy" as much as "profoundly unfulfilled".


Blogger The young fogey said...

It was a terrible show - except (as points out and I remember) its first year, when it was entertaining, believable and period-authentic, set in America exactly 18 years in the past. Even Fonzie was OK in limited doses as a distant menace who didn't talk very much, not Richie's best friend (that was Potsie, who in the beginning had a personality - he was naughty but not really bad). That all disappeared once Fonzie-mania and the live studio audience (changing the sets beyond believability and cheers interrupting scenes) kicked in. Ever notice how just about everybody in Garry Marshall's Milwaukee was Italian and spoke with a Noo Yawk accent (such as Fonzie)? Because Garry Marshall could't write about anything different to him (he's from New York and is Italian) and some of his actors couldn't act. Milwaukee in 1956-62 would have been crew-cut blond German kids with accents like Dennis Franz's flat Chicago one! 'Chachi' would have been beaten to a pulp - 'GET A HAIRCUT, YOU BEATNIK!' as says accurately. Fun TV theory of mine - hot Donna's naff dad (played with the correct flat accent) on 'That ’70s Show', which is set in Wisconsin, is Fonzie grown up. Finally, Pat Buchanan wrote in his autobio that real greasers were burnouts in their 20s whom normal people felt sorry for in the ’50s. They weren't cool. If the Fonz was so cool, why was he trolling for high-school girls? Eew. The Cunninghams wouldn't have let Richie or Joanie near him, let alone had him live with them. So if you tune in and 'Rock Around the Clock' is the theme song (first series), go ahead and watch; otherwise change the channel unless you want to do a lot of critiquing.

2:04 p.m.  
Blogger The Rambler said...


Y'know, I never realy thought about it but you're right - Fonzie was a craddle robbing perv. Actually, that might add enough subtext for me, so as to make watching this dreck not only bearable, but quite amusing. "Eh, stick it!" Double-yuck!

(thinking I'm easily amused)

2:42 p.m.  

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