Thursday, December 16, 2004

Will Heather Gray Please WAKE UP!

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My thoughts...

Ms.Gray seems to have been shocked that any enterprise involving human beings (which would include, besides religions, things like nations, political parties, activist groups, academic institutions, etc., etc.) could so often fall short of it's loftier ideals. This type of whining annoys me to no end (besides her ridiculous re-modeling of Jesus Christ into a proto-marxist revolutionary, which I find specious to say the least.)

As annoyed as I may sound right now, I actually have a friend who is somewhat like this. He is quite open to any sort of strange idea, in particular if it's new-agey/occultish (nay, not simply "open" but very uncritical, often to a fault IMHO), but is extremely harsh toward Christianity (in particular in it's more "organized" forms, most singularly Catholicism). Thus, when a Buddhist or Hindu sage lives a life of strict chastity, he see's something lofty (even if he'd be the first to admit that for him, such would be unattainable) - but when a Catholic Priest makes a vow of celibacy, he sees something suspicious there, and undoubtedly thinks right away of all of the men who have in some way fallen short of that commitment. This, despite the fact that one need not doubt that many "eastern religionist" monks and renunciates have probably also failed in their attempts at a "loftier" spirituality and self discipline.

Ms.Gray probably believes a world ruled by eco-feminists or whatever secularist rabble she holds in esteem would be free of such failures. How very naive.


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