Sunday, January 30, 2005

I guess it all depends upon how much you trust "them"...

Sensors Everywhere by Aaron Ricadela

Some big companies are trying to make the world--and almost everything in it--smarter.

Science Applications International Corp., the big government IT contractor known as SAIC, is developing technology for the Defense and Homeland Security departments that could use hundreds of tiny, wireless sensors packed with computing power to help secure U.S. borders, bridges, power plants, and ships by detecting suspicious movements or dangerous cargo and radioing warnings back to a command center. BP plc, the world's second-largest independent oil company, aims to knock down the cost of monitoring equipment at a Washington state oil refinery, from thousands of dollars per measurement to hundreds, by replacing big, dumb, wired sensors with wireless ones in a network.

Comment: This reminds me a lot of promise/dangers behind another budding technology, nanotech.


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