Saturday, January 01, 2005

No surprises here

The British gov't watching Prozac complaints

Health Department officials will take a close look at any new information that becomes available on the antidepressant Prozac, it was announced yesterday.

This follows reports of confidential company documents that appear to suggest a link between the drug and acts of violence and aggression.

Prozac, used by 50 million people worldwide since its launch in America in 1988, was the subject of a product liability trial 10 years ago when the documents allegedly went missing. ...

A member of my immediate family took Prozac for a time to deal with their chronic depression, and seeing their experience with it, I'm not at all surprised to see that others have had bad experiences.

From the description they gave me of their experience with the drug (and they had a relatively small dosage prescribed to them), it did not solve anything - it simply rendered them too daft to actually care that they had problems...with the consequence that they were also quite daffy when it came to many other aspects of their lives (the way it was described to me, they were not able to concentrate on much of anything while taking Prozac.) Now that they are no longer on the drug, they still have problems - in fact they seem to be problems they did not have before, at least not in the same degree (such as overwhelming bouts of anger, which manifest themselves in acts of physical violence both against persons and inanimate objects.)

While I do recognize that there are people who do have chemical imbalances, I think by in large most people who suffer from depression feel that way because, frankly, there is good reason for them to be depressed! The newsmedia seems mystified as to why the rates of "clinical depression" in the populace continue to rise. I don't think it's a mystery at all. As joe-average assimilates the nihilism which decades ago made a clean sweep of the intelligensia/academia, and increasingly experiences the empty promises associated with consumerism, of course he's going to start feeling sad.

The lasting solution for most of these depression cases, I think, is for them to deal with the causes of their misery - and that is a spiritual/moral matter, not something drink or drugs (whether prescribed or from a dealer's stash) is going to fix.


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