Saturday, February 19, 2005

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Racism/Xenophobia is not a uniquely "white" problem

Too often guilt ridden white folks (which I can't really consider myself to be totally, given my own mixed heritage) labour under the false impression that "racism" is a problem unique to them, or which they are inordinantly guilty of. This is hardly the case, as my own experience indicates, as does the posting I've provided the link to.

The reality is that people tend to fear that which is not familiar, and on the flip side, mistakenly believe their shit doesn't stink. This xenophobia wedded to egotism, is the real root of all sorts of nasty social phenomena, including the particular form we in the west call "racism." This is not a justification, not in the least - it's simply an observation of fallen human nature, and that this "falleness" knows no borders. We only tend to think it's a uniquely "white" problem because of the political climate here, and (on a slightly conspiratorial note) there is a concerted attempt by certain interests to not so much "destroy the white race", as to destroy the value system and cultural/religious identity born by those who we classify as "white."


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