Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Thought Police" = Bad News

What's Next -- Jailing Flat Earth Fans? - By Rabbi Daniel Lapin

"Austria has just sentenced an eccentric, obsessed historian to jail for three years because he expressed his opinion that Auschwitz didn't have gas chambers. David Irving violated Austria's law which provides for up to ten years imprisonment for Holocaust deniers. It is ironic that many of the people cheering this suppression of free speech in Austria are the same people decrying Moslem attempts to do the same in Denmark."

Comment: I'm always a little annoyed when I hear about states who have no enforceable laws on blasphemy against Christ and His Saints enacting laws prosecuting matters which are undoubtedly within the realm of legitimate historical inquiry. If you're interested in forming your own opinion on David Irving's work, visit his publisher's official website here, where a number of his books (whole and uncensored) are available in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.


Blogger PuckPan said...

Very good. Wish more people had the courage to speak out about his.

David Irving is only 1 of many who is imprisoned for what amounts to speech that offends Jewish sensibilities.

We are being deprived of the right to defend ourselves at a moment in history when it is critical. This is the death of the West.

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