Thursday, May 18, 2006

From the Big Brother file...

"I approve."

Congress may make ISPs snoop on you

Comment: This is precisely the shrill "think about the children" type crap that makes my skin crawl. Fear seems to be the magical (and time tested) ingredient all governments (and wannabe Caesars) have used to increase their powers in open societies. If the fear of another well timed "terrorist attack" is just a little too abstract for some, protecting "little Billy and Sally" certainly seems to be a little more concrete. Of course the question people need to be asking is "just how much is freedom worth?" - for if the "big brother" argument for state intrusion into our personal lives is taken to it's logical conclusion, we'd all be alot "safer" if we had cameras everywhere (including in our homes), and tracking devices implanted in everyone from birth. Indeed, why take chances at all - why not simply give everyone a (mandatory!) state funded/supplied daily dose of tranquilizers to keep us all docile and pliable? Dammit, why even live at all; it's simply too "risky"!

People often piously repeat the mantra "freedom comes with a price"...but how seriously do most of us really take this? Typically when the well conditioned masses utter this phrase (or something like it), they have the statist wet-dream of "total war" in mind. Few however, consider the most genuine interpretation of this saying - namely that to have the ability to live, is to in some wise be open to suffering. Just as there is no possibility for greatness in cowards, the joys of liberty come with the price of having to withstand those who will use their freedom in unsavory (and even vile) ways. Of course this doesn't mean we should become impotent and let ourselves be walked all over by sociopaths and leeches - but it does mean that if we are going to be free, we'd better be prepared to deal with the often unpleasant task of withstanding such people. To expect to be handed "good" in this life without offering the necessary "sacrifices" is childish. Only the bully and the coward (who really are only two sides of the same coin) want to be spared this, having the conceit that they can really "have their cake and eat it too."

This is beside the fact that the current regime in Washington has already proven that it does not operate within the rule of law, and is quite keen on "taking a mile" where an inch has been offered. Keep in mind these are the beasts who lump "trade unionists" and "peace activists" with terrorists.


Blogger CheffJonny said...

Hey stumbled on your blog and I'm right next door I'm orthodox too, OCA jurisdiction! Oregon's West Side! What What?! LOve the Brave New World comment about SOMA drugged civilians. I keep reading in on your stuff if you don't mind. Its nice to find Orthodox Christians on the net that aren't complete jurisdictional nazis on "Ortho-Forums".

2:25 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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